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3D Additive Manufacturing
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3D Printing and Engineering Solutions

With modeling, scanning, 3d printing, post-print finishing, and consulting in additive manufacturing, we help you shorten development cycles, reduce costs, and bring better products to market.

3D Print Services

We provide 3D printing of parts and assemblies, and are vertically integrated to include 3D CAD modeling, laser or DLP scanning of existing parts into CAD models, post-print surface finishing, and provide consulting services for additive manufacturing part development.

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It can take miles to turn a huge tanker ship around.

Habits can be hard to change, especially in industry, as the more ingrained a process or material use becomes,...

Add or subtract before you multiply? I say add.

"Sean, why do they call it "additive manufacturing"? Don't I have enough buzz words to remember already?..."...

First there was electric car range anxiety, now printed part anxiety... relax

There's a moment when I unwrap for a client their finished printed parts, that they may be anxiously...