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Biomedical Engineering

In this project 3D Printsmith was contracted by Biomedical Modeling Inc (BMI) to print 2 types of parts:

a) "Stoma's" stomata which are physical 3D representations of surgical wound areas, produced from medical imaging data of a specific patient, and used to help train the patient on dealing with their own wound care after leaving hospital. Each stoma is of course unique, and these models would be very difficult to make by any other means than 3d printing. Stoma parts like these are necessarily short turn- around, unless used for medical school education and training.

b) Accurate 3D printed actual size representations of hairless lab mice, -these mice models are being used by medical professionals for research and development involving internal organ radiological studies, and needed to accurately represent certain internal organ details. These were made from actual scans of real hairless lab mice, and note the detail on the wafer thin ears that was faithfully reproduced using Objet polyjet processes.

BMI were pleased with the part quality and service provided by 3D Printsmith on these parts, and we continue to work with them as clients