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3D Printsmith LLC offers competitive pricing in the industry for 3d printed parts in many processes, and offers exceptional value as an engineering consulting service with the depth and breadth experienced background of company staff.

We won’t be the least expensive , and we won’t be the highest priced, what we will be is the trusted 3d printing / additive manufacturing solution that you can rely on to help you reach your goals, break new ground, or find new tools in the 3d printing world.

All contracts will be based on typical agreed terms for payment, delivery date and shipping preferences detailed in a 3D Printsmith quote. Projects will be initiated upon receipt of a written purchase order form supplied either by client or 3D Printsmith LLC. Client accounts can be arranged for repeat clients.

Note that 3D Printsmith LLC will gladly entertain any confidentiality requests or NDA requirements that may arise, as is often the case in product development.”