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3D Scanning Services

3D Printsmith has a sister division 3D Scansmith, which offers digitizing scan services using high resolution 3D Scanning & inspection of existing parts. This can be used to archive parts to a digital library, or to reverse engineer a scarce or unique piece.

Parametric CAD models (solid models) can be generated from 3D Scan data files provided the software is available and the scan is comprehensive enough. 
3D Inspection reports can be generated from scan data to aid in monitoring dimensional changes.

Very small to very large parts possible to be scanned, with different technologies coming into play depending on part size.
Both laser & DLP 3D scanning capabilities are available, with each having different application advantages.


High accuracy, high resolution 3D Scanning & inspection.

CAD Modeling

CAD modeling from 3D Scan data to include surface and solid models.


2D & 3D Inspection reports & analysis.

Size Flexibility

Very small to very large parts.

Location Flexibility

On-site scanning if required.

Laser or Full-spectrum

Laser & White light 3D scanning.